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Orientation round 2
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NYU views #Nofilter
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Fourth day on the job and first of three orientations
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Views from my office Part III
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Views from my office Part II
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Views from my office Part I
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Wearing purple with pride! #NYUofficial
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©Nadine Ijewere

Hey, hey lone wanderer
sew your backpack back together
pieces of you
have fallen out
nobody can pick them up for you
so trace your steps in reverse
and fill your trouser pockets
with all you’ve ever been

I know the difficulty of climbing
with the weight
but hey, lone wanderer
didn’t you know the mountains
are only for the fragmented
so be fascinated
with the exquisiteness of you
just remember not to lose
on the way

- Emily M. - The Road to the Mountains (via wnq-writers)

(via wordsnquotes)

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Pre work selfie
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Alice Smith
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#afropunk14 #Nofilter
unimpulsive theme